Michelle Crawford, Founder & CEO

My name is Michelle Crawford – I am a Cannabis Health Coach, Educator, Speaker, and founder of Canna Curious Coaching. I help people improve their health by teaching them how to incorporate cannabis into their daily regimen and lifestyle. I also teach women how to have greater sexual vitality, which better connects them to their inner divine.


I discovered the medicinal benefits of cannabis after experimenting with THC-infused personal lubricant. What I purchased to enhance my marriage ended up eliminating the UTIs I suffered from for many years. I thought, “Wow, cannabis really works!” and then completely geeked out on the scientific level on the ways cannabis benefits our health. 


As a big DIYer, I learned to make cannabis products in my kitchen. Starting with lube, then capsules, topicals, and tinctures. Soon, I began sharing products with my family and friends to help treat their particular ailments and conditions. Even my traditional Catholic parents, who were hesitant, are now enjoying their rejuvenated non-arthritic hands and better sleep.


In 2021 I decided to further my education and became a certified cannabis coach through the Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI). Upon graduation, I was offered to become a grad student mentor, which means I am a CCI educator. My weed lube story became popular and is the topic of my speaking engagement, “Better Sex With Cannabis,” featured at the S/Well Expo. I’m also the spokesperson for ExtractCraft, a manufacturer of ethanol extraction and recovery machines designed for home use. 


For those Canna-curious about creating their own products at home, I’ve launched a series of educational courses called Homemade Health. The series kicks off with videos that teach you how to make a Canna-Kit™ – perfectly dosed cannabis tincture combinations you can use throughout the day. 


When my journey of helping people heal through the natural power of cannabis began, I thought I had found my calling. However, through my newfound gift of healing, I discovered a deeper connection to my guiding spirits and a bigger purpose. My Catholic upbringing instilled a spiritual belief that beings grander than ourselves exist. But as I continued helping people feel better, I was introduced to Shamanism. 


Learning and practicing Shamanism has aligned me to my true purpose of speaking out on the connection between greater health by utilizing cannabis and specifically for women to understand that having greater sexual vitality helps us connect to our inner divine and our ultimate selves. 


I’m a wife, mother of three boys, DIYer, super outgoing, and a former corporate employee. What better way to spend my life than doing what I love and living in my purpose? I look forward to helping you live your most rewarding life in better health with cannabis. 

Michelle Crawford
Michelle Crawford, Founder & CEO, Canna-Curious Coaching


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