Learn how to DIY with cannabis from a Certified Cannabis Health Coach and Educator in my signature Homemade Health series of classes, Magical Machines Mini-course, and more!

Homemade Health LIVE! - 10 Week Masterclass

Learn to make your own Tinctures, Topicals, and Concentrates

Classes Resume 2023 – Offered Winter, Spring, & Fall

Join my SIGNATURE Homemade Health 10-week course in making Tinctures, Topicals, and Concentrates at home! This LIVE course is offered quarterly in Winter, Spring, and Fall.

Purchase of any one LIVE course grants you access to ALL LIVE COURSES for ONE YEAR.  Why? This is a practical, hands-on course where we #MakeTakeShare our plant medicine DIY together each time. Designed for you get the most out of the course and graduate a fully initiated Kitchen Witch and SOURCEress, this course gives you the dedicated time, space, and INSPIRATIONAL community we all need to succeed!

10-weeks with weekly LIVE classes via Zoom, private online forum, and monthly Kitchen Witching Hours!

Get started today for just $135 a month (with 12 monthly payments) or pay $1,555 in full and save $100  for 1 full year of access!

Homemade Health Tinctures Class - Instant Online Access

Instantly get access to my Homemade Health Tinctures class- the one that started it all. If you can only take ONE class with me, this is the one. Learn multi-cannabinoid formulation by making my “Canna-kit” of five oil-infused tinctures to support great health day and night.  Master making infusions with concentrates, with flowers, and even blending complimentary botanicals into your cannabis DIY! 

Learn about the Canna-kit, the cannabinoid family, tree, how to infuse with concentrates and flowers, and more.


Magical Machines Mini-Course: Unlock Your DIY Powers with The Ardent FX & SOURCE Turbo by ExtractCraft

Need to make some magic happen in 2023? Or giving a cannabis lover in your life one of these magical machines this year? Set them or yourself up right with this mini-course, too! Our mini-course provides a fast and easy way to properly equip your canna-kitchen and unlock your DIY healing powers. Check out the two best, easiest, and most convenient cannabis kitchen appliances available to modern home medicine-makers today: the Ardent FX and the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft. Best part is… you’ll even save over $100 with our exclusive coupons inside! Better health is just three short videos away so snag this class and get brewing up some magic today!


Love Yourself! Get your FREE Infused Suppositories Recipe now!

Grab my MOST POPULAR freebie and make your own infused suppositories for better vaginal and pelvic health today!


"I felt an immediate connection with her and she gave me the knowledge and support to do better for myself and IT TOTALLY WORKED! I’m so very grateful to Michelle!"



What is the fastest and most trasnformational way to win with cannabis: Coaching!

I offer private one-to-one coaching in a quick 2-session service as well as a comprehensive eight-week format to help you personally achieve your health and wellness goals with cannabis.

Start Here: Cannabis Concierge Service

You’re busy. You’ve got maybe 30 minutes (if you’re lucky) to actually DO SOMETHING to take care of yourself on any given day. Unfortunately, you’re also totally confused about how to try cannabis to improve your health and have no idea where to even start. You want to sleep better at night, have more energy, and feel joy in your life again… TODAY. With Cannabis Concierge Service, we take you straight past the stigma and confusion, and give you the shortcut to success and canna-confidence!

Private 1:1 consultation with product guidance, support, and follow-up.


Private Coaching

Work with an experienced leader in the industry with who has successfully guided friends, family, students, and clients into living BETTER lives with cannabis. Perfect for new and experienced people to learn how to incorporate cannabis into your life successfully as well as would-be cannabis coaching entrepreneurs to gain perspective from my experience building a plant medicine educational business.

Private 8-week coaching program with product & dosing guidance, weekly coaching sessions and support.


Openings are limited!

"I would absolutely recommend working with Michelle! With Michelle not only do you get the biggest cheerleader for your goals, but you also get a dear friend. She is caring, patient, and ready to share her knowledge in any capacity that best fits what you need."
Hire Michelle Crawford, Cannabis Health Coach

Michelle Crawford 

Work with Michelle Crawford directly through consultation, speaking engagements and coaching programs virtually or in person. Custom options available.